Christian Litke


Mr. Christian Litke has been a lawyer at SBP since 1988 and since 1994 as a partner of the law firm.

The focus of his services lies on advice, design, and creation of concepts as well as on the conduct of cases in the areas of commercial law and corporate law as well as labor law. His clients include companies, foundations, family offices, asset management companies, entrepreneurs and their families and shareholders. His mandates regularly have international elements.

His advice in the field of labor law is primarily provided to medium-sized companies, even if they have an own HR department. In addition, Mr. Litke is called in by members of corporate bodies and other executives, for instance on account of disputes resulting from their offices and service contracts.

Due to his expertise and more than thirty years of experience, Mr. Litke in particular recommended and engaged to handle matters in the flied of contract design that are legally or economically complex and exceptional, so also with acquisitions and sales of companies. His clients appreciate that he knows how to categorize and consider their economic issues and at the time understands the tax impacts of the transactions in question.

Mr. Litke’s service can also be provided also in the English language.

Mr. Litke was appointed to the supervisory board or advisory board of companies and is currently in the board of two foundations.