Dr. Ragnar Baderschneider


The focus of Dr. Ragnar Baderschneider lies in the foundation law, inheritance law, and corporate law. Dr. Baderschneider advises and represents clients including renowned foundations, companies, entrepreneurs and their families, as well as owners of long-established family assets. He has been appointed to the supervisory board and advisory board in family businesses.

Dr. Baderschneider has been a partner of our law firm since 2020. He completed a training as a bank clerk, and before joining the law firm he was a member of the management of a Chamber of Notaries. Dr. Baderschneider received his doctorate at the University of Münster under Prof. Dr. Ingo Saenger on the topic of “the foundation as a target structure in the German Reorganization of Companies Act”.

Reference Mandates

Transfer of the estate of a family entrepreneur with values in the tree-digit millions into a family foundation, ongoing advice to the foundation.

Participation in the transfer of an estate with a value in the billions into a non-profit foundation structure, ongoing advice to the foundation.

Multi-year judicial representation of family members in an estate settlement dispute with comprehensive domestic and foreign nested assets (such as shareholdings and prominently located real property).

Ongoing advice to the executor of a major estate.

Appointment as an executor of companies with domestic and foreign assets.

Complex succession design with comprehensive shareholdings and real estate assets.

Advice to the shareholder of a major medium-sized family business in a long-standing dispute of shareholders, achievement of an overall solution.

Advice to a foreign investor with real estate investments in Germany.

Advice to an asset management company in a dispute between executive bodies and subsequent restructuring of the company.

Litigation expert opinion in an international art dealer case.