About us

Since 1959 we have been active as an independent specialized law firm aspiring to develop customized solutions for our clients. In doing so, we attach great importance to top-quality, reliability and practical relevance.

Expertise and Creativity

SBP Schmid, v. Buttlar & Partner is focused on advisory services in the core areas of commercial law and tax law. Our clients include enterprises, their owners and their families, investors, executives, private clients, family offices, family foundations, and non-profit foundations as well as associations. They appreciate our expertise and creativity. They rely on us, whenever challenging legal and tax structures are involved. They consult us where the structuring of their assets is required for a suitable succession also within the scope of foundations or executions of wills. They leave the helm to the experienced SBP lawyers who are renowned for the strategic, emphatic und precise management of complex legal disputes, when the sea is getting rough. They appoint our advisors to committees of enterprises and foundations. And they benefit from integrated advisory services on legal and tax issues. We serve our clients throughout Germany and beyond.

Excellence by Tradition

Since today’s law firm of SBP was spun off in 1959 from the private bank of Hauck & Aufhäuser, the personal and individual advisory services for our discerning clients is our mission statement. a clear and open communication with clients, creativity, a solution-focused and consistent best practice approach is imprinted on the DNA of SBP. Our advisors are proven specialists in their fields and have excellent expertise. We attach great importance to our independence and value relationships of trust with our clients that have grown over years, sometimes decades and generations. The spirit of a dynamic law firm that meets the ever-changing challenges has been preserved. For areas that we are not able to cover ourselves, we can rely on a network of selected law offices in Germany and abroad who share our values and expectations as to legal and commercial expertise.