The advisors of our law firm stand out due to their academic excellence and precise administration. Equally important to them is the human nuances and personal footnotes of the clients’ needs. And: they are advisors by passion.

Personalized Advice at Eye Level

The advisors of our law firm are experienced specialists with in-depth knowledge in economic law and tax law. With their open-minded can-do attitude, they convert problems of our clients into solutions and make projects a sure success. Despite all professionality: Our clients secure the assistance from humans: therefore, empathy, knowledge of human nature and being able to listen are to SBP just as important as the hard skills. We serve our clients personally and at eye level. Our advisors bear managerial responsibility and are entrepreneurs themselves, which characterizes their actions. They focus on pragmatic recommendations and an efficient use of resources. They keep the economic and financial impacts of their advisory services. And the take the liberty of saying “no” if they are convinced that this serves our clients better than just saying “yes”.

Marta Matic Tax Specialist
Marcel Krüger Tax Assistant, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Martina Petrovic Tax Assistant, Master of Arts (M.A.)
Regi Cara Tax Clerk
Ineta Purmale Tax Clerk